The original Green Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is visiting a local comic book shop this weekend.

Jason David Frank, who starred as Tommy Oliver in TV series such as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers Dino Thunder, will be signing autographs at noon on Saturday, Oct. 24 at Speeding Bullet Comics on 614 N Porter Ave. Speeding Bullet Comics is among a list of comic book shops that Frank is visiting around the country to raise money for shops impacted by COVID-19.

Tickets will be available at no charge starting Friday and are required to ensure social distancing and to limit people in the store at one time, according to a press release. Autographs and photo ops are $50, but Frank is offering a discounted “comic shop special”, which includes two autographs and a photo op for $120.

Frank stopped by Speeding Bullet Comics on Labor Day when they were closed and left a few signed pictures, mentioning he wanted to get in touch with them to set up an event, Speeding Bullet Comics manager Dan Nash said.

In June 2015, Boom! Studios started a Power Rangers comic book, and Nash said many who grew up watching the show in the ‘90s have taken to the recent comic series, which could be attributed to its success.

“They have done Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers comics, and they are doing another one called Go Go Power Rangers, so there has been a renewed interest,” Nash said. “...We have some toys and some different Power Rangers memorabilia ready for the signing, so if anyone wants to stop by, we would be more than happy to take care of them,” Nash said.

Those who wish to attend can acquire a ticket from the store, which will be their number in line, before downloading the Telegram App.

They can wait “in line” in their cars and staff will use the app to let people know when it’s time to get in line outside the Ricochet door.

Only one or two groups at a time can come inside to maintain social distancing, and masks are required for entry. Once inside, they can purchase autographs and pictures through shop staff before visiting with Frank.

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