OU Standing Art

OU Standing Art

The University of Oklahoma will allow Norman campus students to take a pass/no-pass grade in any of their classes this semester, according to new university guidelines released this afternoon.

In a statement addressed to students, OU Provost Kyle Harper outlined the university’s new, optional grading system that is effective immediately. The university has already announced this week that all Norman campus classes will move online for the rest of the semester due to COVID-19 precautions.

Under the system, professors will still keep track of letter grades during the semester. When a professor submits a student’s final letter grade at the end of the semester, an OU Norman student will have seven days from that date to elect to take a “pass/no-pass" grade in that class instead. There is no limit to the number of classes a student can chose to convert to “pass/no-pass."

The option will apply to graduate and undergraduate students in Norman, as well as OU Tulsa students who are enrolled in Norman programs. According to Harper’s statement, the OU College of Law is also working on an adapted grading policy “appropriate to its programs.”

OU has also extended the time window in which students can decide to withdraw from a class until April 17. The university announced Friday that administrators are setting up "appropriate" housing and food refunds for students, and providing two weeks’ pay for student employees whose campus jobs can no longer continue this semester. 

Harper’s statement explains that sticking with a letter grade may offer advantages to some students, like those looking to apply for graduate school or ongoing education programs. For undergraduates, a letter grade of “D” or higher would convert to a “P,” or a passing grade; for graduate students, a “C” or higher would receive a “P.”

All passing grades will count toward degree requirements, according to Harper’s statement. The university is still working through some of the details of the new system, the statement notes.

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