Tulsa police say no evidence has been found so far to support an allegation that the attorney for the City Council threatened Mayor Dewey Bartlett.

Attorney Drew Rees said he was shocked when told that mayoral press secretary Lloyd Wright had made the allegation following a conversation between the two after a Sept. 23 council meeting, calling it “both ridiculous and bizarre.”

Rees said he was told by police Sgt. Mike Huff, who was assigned to investigate the matter, that he allegedly told Wright something like, “I’m coming after your boy” or “I’m going to get your boy.”

The conversation came after Bartlett sent Rees a letter accusing Rees of insubordination for failing to provide documentation to justify his position as council attorney.

The letter was one in a series that Bartlett had sent to Rees on the matter since July.

The mayor maintains that the City Charter does not allow for Rees’ job. The council contends that the job was created by former Mayor Bill LaFortune.

— AP

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