A Norman City Council member was arrested Saturday night in Tulsa after she donned climbing gear, strapped herself to a flagpole and refused to come down, Tulsa police said.

In a police report released Monday, officers said Ward 8 Councilwoman Alexandra Scott, 26, and Ashley McCray, 36, of Norman, were both arrested for misdemeanor obstruction after they climbed separate flag poles near Tulsa's BOK Center Saturday and refused to come down.

According to the arrest report, the incident happened about 5:45 p.m. Saturday outside President Donald Trump’s campaign rally.

The officers said when they arrived Scott’s feet were shoulder-level off the ground, and she had tied herself to a U.S. flag pole with a nylon strap.

Police said McCray was attempting to climb a nearby pole that was flying the City of Tulsa flag. She used a cloth material to keep her feet from touching the ground.

Bystanders attempted to obstruct the path of police who were trying to get the women down, according to the police report.

Officers said they ultimately had to cut the duo down. Both were wearing climbing equipment, which had to be removed prior to the arrest.

Police said McCray was carrying a yellow flag that read “Invest in Black Communities.” The report did not say what she planned to do with that flag.

Both McCray and Scott were arrested on obstruction complaints. Their bonds were set at $500. They were released just after 11:20 p.m. Saturday, records show.

“On top of threatening voicemails, messages and derogatory comments from strangers and random citizens, some news media folks have started getting aggressive attempting to coerce me into making statements,” Scott said in a Twitter post Monday.

Scott, who is a Democratic state Senate candidate for District 15, said she will not be making any additional statements until July 1.

McCray, a former City Council candidate, founded Indigenize OU and was the Democratic nomination for Oklahoma Corporation Commission in 2018.

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