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NORMAN — The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety is rolling out Real ID in Norman as well as in other cities across the state.

As of last week, Real ID is available at the Norman DPS office as well as at four tag agencies within the city: Norman Tag Agency, 443 W. Gray; Lanoy Tag Agency, 1315A 24th Ave. SW; Fuson Tag Agency, 1236 N. Interstate Drive; and Sooner Tag Agency, 130 36th Avenue NW.

The Real ID act was signed by President George W. Bush after 9/11. The federal law seeks to fortify state procedures to confirm people’s identities and to ensure that states are not giving licenses to terrorists.

Oklahoma is one of the last states to begin implementing Real ID statewide. The state legislators even went as far as passing a law in 2007 prohibiting the Oklahoma DPS from complying with the Real ID Act.

“We started issuing at the end of June and it’s a statewide rollout,” Oklahoma DPS spokeswoman Sarah Stewart said. “This is a completely new system for us when we’re issuing our credentials.”

Real ID is also now available in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Broken Arrow and the surrounding cities of those metroplexes, Stewart said.

Stewart said when implementing a new system, there will always be problems. One of those is the length of time it is taking for people to get their IDs.

“Sometimes it takes longer for people to get their cards than they’re used to,” Stewart said. “ … You walk out [of the DPS office] with a paper temporary license, and it takes roughly 10 business days (until) the actual plastic Real ID comes in the mail.”

Stewart also said people must bring more paperwork in order to receive their Real ID.

“People have to bring in a proof of identity, like a birth certificate, it has to be a certified copy,” Stewart said.

“You have to bring in proof of Social Security… and then two proofs of residency.”

Stewart also said if someone has ever had a name change, the individual must bring in proof in order to get that name on the Real ID.

Starting in Oct. 2021, a Real ID-compliant license or another federally issued form of identification will be required to fly, access military bases and enter other federal facilities.

“We’re issuing an all-new driver license system,” Stewart said. “They look the same, but you do have the option to get a non-Real ID compliant driver license ID. The only difference will be instead of that star in the upper-right-hand corner that shows that it’s a Real ID, it will say, ‘Not for Real ID purposes.’”

Though it’s available, Stewart said the DPS is not encouraging everyone to go out and get a Real ID immediately.

“We’re encouraging people to wait until you either need it to get on a plane or enter a federal facility or a military base,” Stewart said. “Or if your license is not expiring, we’re letting people know to wait.”

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