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CULLMAN, Ala. ? You usually can't avoid hearing them, those unusual ringtones that people choose for their cell phones.

Some people stick with the default ringtone programmed into their phone when they buy it. Sometimes they'll peruse the other alternatives provided and choose one they like or that distinguishes it from other phones in their household.

Then there are the other people who don't want a simple ringtone. They want something that's even more unique. Something that has a beat and that they can dance to.

For the most part, those people are in the 13- to 25-year-old age range. Older cell phone users say they usually don't change their ringtones much and some use no more than two different rings to identify callers. Those in their teens and early 20s, however, use a number of different tones for their friends and family.

Savannah Smith, 16, said she's downloaded about eight ringtones for her friends and family.

Smith said she chooses which ringtone is assigned to whom by finding tunes that make her think of certain people.

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