Young Rose Rock winners

Tiny Miss Rose Rock Vivian Woodson, Teeny Miss Rose Rock Wrenleigh Clark, Tiny Grand Miss Rose Rock Violet Eaves and Baby Miss Rose Rock Zalyah Tabon were recently crowned in Noble’s annual Rose Rock Pageant despite delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo provided)

Despite Noble's annual Rose Rock Music Festival being canceled due to the global pandemic, Noble hosted its Rose Rock Pageant and recently crowned the winners.

Typically, the Rose Rock Pageant is held right before the Rose Rock Music Festival, but Kim Adams, Rose Rock Pageant director said it took some doing over about three months to make it all happen safely because of shifting dates and heath mandates. Although there was a good contestant turnout, participation was down to 60 contestants compared to prior years' numbers that averaged about 75.

"We had to wait for Phase III of reopening to get people together for the crowning," Adams said, adding that coordinators employed Facebook Live for the first time so people from out of town could watch. So popular was this move, that Adams said they will likely use the same platform in the future.

Winners in the Baby Miss Rose Rock competition include Tiny Miss Rose Rock Vivian Woodson, Teeny Miss Rose Rock Wrenleigh Clark, Tiny Grand Miss Rose Rock Violet Eaves and Baby Miss Rose Rock Zalyah Tabon.

Also crowned were Mini Petite Miss Rose Rock Annabelle Morgan, Lil’ Miss Rose Rock Camden McWethy, Senior Pre-Teen Miss Rose Rock Chloe Maxwell, Petite Miss Rose Rock Lauryl Roesler, Mini Miss Rose Rock Marlee Miller, Junior Pre-Teen Miss Rose Rock Aracely Martinez, Teen Miss Rock Garyn Heck, Jr. Miss Rose Rock Rachel Martin, Jr. Teen Miss Rose Rock Jayla Cothran, Sr. Miss Rose Rock Shyann Hames, Sr. Teen Miss Rose Rock Aracely Martinez, Mini Grand Miss Rose Rock Abby Maguire, Grand Miss Rose Rock Emma Adams, Mr. Rose Rock King Carson Howlett, Miss Rose Rock Skylan Reed and Pre-Teen Miss Rose Rock Kailey Duren.

"It was so hard for the girls," Adams said. "Normally the girls all get together and there's camaraderie. They hug and high five, and there was none of that this year."

Adams said it was hard for her to pull it all together, but she wanted the girls to have some kind of normalcy while still following all safety rules.

This year's pageant theme was "A World of Pure Imagination" and contestants competed in seven events, including talent, photogenics, essay, academics, interviewing, a final question, formal wear and costume.

The talent portion was hosted at Noble's Art in Motion dance studio, owned and operated by Zach Adams and Joe Adams ran sound for the event. Contestants had to enter the building to perform their talent portion and parents were only allowed to watch through a window. The studio was sanitized between performances.

Karie Killgore's daughter Shyann Hames won the Senior Miss Rose Rock crown. Killgore put a positive spin on the slower pageant process this year.

"COVID slowed down the process. They had more time to prepare," Killgore said, "but we couldn’t' see all the girls' talent. We could only take our girls to sanitize in and sanitize out."

Killgore explained that Big Sister mentors are assigned to Little Sisters to show new contestants around, help them rehearse, work together on the opening dance and practice with them on the side, but his year, the sister duos "didn't have much contact with each other."

Heather Maguire's daughter, Abby Maguire was crowned Mini Grand Miss Rose Rock. Maguire said the pageant was definitely different this year, but she was happy for having it.

"I'm glad we were able to have a pageant this year," Maguire said. "We weren’t sure that we were going to have one. Kim and Zach did a great job."

Adams expressed her gratitude to participants and their parents through the many delays and special procedures.

"I was glad the parents all stuck with me through it," Adams said. "The new kids were confused. I told them to just stick with me. Next year will be better."

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