Alex Scott emerged victorious in Tuesday’s Ward 8 runoff election with incumbent Kyle Allison capturing 58 percent of the vote and her first term on city council. 

The victory was a welcome birthday present for Scott who turned 24 years old on Tuesday and became the youngest council member in Norman history. She spent the evening waiting in anticipation, surrounded by supporters at Blu, before anticipation gave way to celebration as the results poured in.

“We’re very happy,” Scott said. “We worked really hard and we’re very pleased with the results.”

Unofficial numbers released by the Oklahoma State Election Board indicate Scott finished with 654 votes to Allison’s 472.

Of the 8,583 registered voters in the ward, 1,126 voted in the election, representing a voter turnout of about 13 percent.

According to the Cleveland County Election Board, results will not be official until after 5 p.m. Friday. Barring any unexpected change in those results, Scott will take office on July 3 along with Ward 2 council member-elect Joe Carter and returning council members Breea Clark and Bill Hickman.

Until then, Scott said she looks forward to immersing herself in the issues.

“I’ll be studying and taking as much in as I can from my fellow council members,” she said. “I hope to get in contact with Kyle [Allison] and learn as much from him as I can from now until then.”

Allison said joining the city council can present a tough learning curve but fellow council members, himself included, and city staff will help Scott catch up to speed.

In the meantime, Allison said there’s still work to do and he intends to close out the remaining months of his term with the same dedication with which he began it.

“It’s unfortunate but that’s how it rolls sometimes,” Allison said of Tuesday’s result. “It’s been a fun three years. I think we’ve accomplished a lot. But I’m not gone until July. We still have a few months ahead of us, so I’m excited to get those things done that we need to get done in the next three months.”

Looking back over his tenure on council, Allison said he doesn’t have any regrets and is proud of what he and his council members accomplished together. He congratulated Scott on her victory Tuesday.

Council member-elect Scott said she is looking forward to forging relationships with Ward 8 residents and representing their interests. She said she could not have won the race without their support and the support of her volunteers, particularly her husband, Kalynn.

The February 13 election included three candidates. In that race, Allison finished with 397 votes (40.8 percent), Scott finished with 337 votes (34.6 percent) and Anthony McBride finished with 240 votes (24.6 percent), forcing a runoff. In the end, Scott said hard work was the key to her eventual victory and she intends to continue that work when she takes office.

“The work doesn’t end here,” she said. “We’re looking forward to putting in more.”

Mack Burke

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