NORMAN — The vote to censure Senators Jim Inhofe and James Lankford failed decisively at Saturday’s Oklahoma GOP Committee meeting.

As previously reported by The Transcript, the Osage County GOP brought forth the censure resolution because neither Lankford nor Inhofe objected to the Electoral College results on Jan. 6. The resolution failed by a vote of 93-122 Saturday.

The vote was seen by many GOP committee members in attendance and by individuals across the state as a campaign move from Oklahoma GOP Chair John Bennett, who has personally endorsed Lankford’s primary challenger Jackson Lahmeyer.

Prior to the meeting, Lahmeyer — who was in California at the time of the vote Saturday — posted support for the censure resolution on social media.

“Holy smokes, today is a big day in Oklahoma,” Lahmeyer said in a Facebook post. “The Oklahoma Republican Party is supposed to vote on censuring James Lankford! Look at the turnout of people outside the building showing their support for #LahmeyerForSenate

Absolutely amazing! That’s called momentum. ”

In a statement after Saturday’s vote, Lankford said the resolution’s failure proves the extent to which Oklahomans truly support him.

“Over the last few weeks, Cindy and I have been blessed with the support of thousands of Oklahomans who have endorsed our campaign, joined our prayer team, signed up to volunteer and donated their hard-earned money to walk with us in this cause,” Lankford said in a statement. “It is truly humbling to have such strong support from Republicans in every county in Oklahoma. I will continue to fight the good fight on behalf of every Oklahoman to ensure our values are not silenced by Washington, D.C. Democrats who want to cancel our voice and push their socialist agenda.”

Inhofe said in a statement that Oklahoma Republicans need to unite against the current presidential administration, not other Republicans.

“This vote is an important step in uniting the Republican Party in Oklahoma,” Inhofe said in a statement. “President (Joe) Biden is the most radical leftist president we’ve seen. He’s opening the border, defunding the military, abandoning our allies and the people of Cuba, promoting taxpayer-funded abortions, raising taxes, spending us into inflation and working to undermine our elections. The Republican party must be united to defeat Democrats in next year’s election so we can stop this agenda in its tracks.”

Reese Gorman covers COVID-19, local politics and elections for The Transcript; reach him at or @reeseg_3.

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