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Norman Regional Porter Campus. (Kyle Phillips / The Transcript)

In its weekly update Wednesday, the Oklahoma State Department of Health reported just over 200 new COVID-19 cases in Cleveland County over the past week, including 110 new cases in Norman.

The city of Norman has reported 110 new cases since last Wednesday, bringing the city’s cumulative case count to 13,832. The health department now updates its local COVID-19 dashboard and its statewide risk assessment map once a week.

The city also reported 24 additional COVID-related deaths in Norman over the past week, bringing the city’s death toll to 179 people.

The health department said this week’s death toll is artificially high because of the way the state is investigating the COVID death toll and trying to bring it more in line with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s provisional death count.

There have been 13,272 recoveries reported in the city.

County numbers

Cleveland County reported 218 new COVID cases over the past week, bringing the county’s cumulative case count to 29,985.

The state also reported 77 additional deaths in Cleveland County over the past week, bringing the county’s total death toll to 385 people. There have been 28,738 recoveries reported in the county.

The City of Moore has recorded 46 new COVID cases since last week, bringing the city’s case total to 6,405. The city also reported 17 additional COVID-related deaths, bringing the city’s death toll to 64 people.

There have been 6,106 recoveries reported in the city.

State Numbers

The state has recorded a cumulative total of 441,906 cases, with 1,764 additional COVID-19 cases reported Wednesday. But Wednesday’s number is artificially inflated, the health department said, as 1,300 of those cases actually went unreported between December and February, and are just now being added to the state’s total.

According to the CDC’s provisional death count, there have been 7,994 COVID-related deaths in the state. The number is two less than the total reported on Tuesday.

The state’s separate reporting and investigation system has recorded 6,669 confirmed COVID-19 deaths, adding 1,716 additional deaths to the count since last Wednesday. These deaths occurred and were investigated between April 2020 and March 2021.

Hospitalization numbers

During the most recent collection period of March 20-26, data sourced from the United States Department of Health and Human Services and confirmed by Norman Regional Health Systems shows that local COVID hospitalization numbers stayed steady, while local ICU numbers rose slightly.

The latest data shows an average of 14.3 COVID patients in the hospital at the end of each day, the same number reported during the last collection period.

From March 20-26, Norman Regional saw its average number of COVID patients in the ICU at the end of each day rise to 8 patients. During the previous collection period, that number was at 5.9.

On Tuesday evening, the state reported 207 total COVID hospitalizations statewide, 56 of them in the ICU.

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