“Touch a Truck” will once again bring the noise to Norman in a big way.

The 17th annual community event, held by the Pioneer Library System, will be at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to noon. The event will boast more than 30 vehicles for kids to sit in, honk horns and make sirens blare with representatives from each organization involved to educate visitors about the vehicle.

The event is a fundraiser for the Pioneer Library System Foundation which supports literacy across Cleveland County. Admission to Touch a Truck is a suggested donation of $2 per child.

Norman Public Library Central Children’s Manager Beverly Theige says the library system will purchase books for youth in need, and fund literacy programs in the library.

She said the event is a great way to start the early learning process in children.

“The neat thing about touch a truck is the way is connects with learning all around,” said Theige. “Especially for younger children, background knowledge is a cornerstone of early literacy skills.”

The first hour of the event is reserved as a “quiet hour” for children with special needs or noise sensitivity. During that time, trucks will not use horns or make any other loud noises.

“From 10 a.m to Noon we allow the kids to honk the horns and a lot of times the firetruck and police sirens will go off,” said Theige. “So it’s very exciting for the kids that like those things.”

With a wide range of vehicles that includes construction cranes, school busses, bucket trucks, police cruisers and ambulances, the Pioneer Library System hopes the event can leave a lasting memory on the young minds that attend.

“A lot of it is just realizing how big those truck are and being able to sit in the seat and imagine being the driver of that particular truck,” said Theige. “It’s just such an exciting thing for a child.”

More information on “Touch a Truck” can be found on the Pioneer Library System website.

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