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The Virtue Center, 215 W. Linn St., will host a Zoom training course five-part series on mental health training and awareness, set to start from 8 a.m. to noon March 5.

Registration for a Norman nonprofit’s five-part series on mental health training and awareness — which will cover everything from addiction to manipulative psychology — is now open to the public.

The Virtue Center, which focuses on counseling and support for individuals or families facing substance abuse, gambling, trauma or other mental health issues, will host a Zoom training course series, set to start March 5. Every class will take place from 9 a.m. to noon.

Melissa Klink, administration director at The Virtue Center, said the organization’s usual trainings have been revamped to make the upcoming courses fun and interactive.

Classes are $30 for professionals seeking continuing education units, and $15 for students and the general public.

Discounts of $5 per class are applied for those who sign up for three or more classes in the series.

While many of the participants will be mental health professionals seeking continuing education units, Klink said the classes can provide helpful knowledge for students and the public.

“Yes they’re suited for professionals and some of what we’ll be talking about is therapy relations with clients, but they’re also great information to have if you’ve ever wanted to learn more about these topics,” Klink said.

According to a release by the center, the first course, “Dark Side of Psychology,” explores manipulative advertising tactics like TV ads and the thought process of serial killers.

On March 26, the second course will involve case studies of treatment courts. The session will explore the needs of specialty court participants and the challenges and successes experienced when working with people involved in the justice system.

“Dangerous Minds,” scheduled April 16, will tackle unhealthy thought processes. On May 7, “Ethics of Teletherapy” will explore ethical dilemmas in the age of virtual service provision.

Klink said the final class June 4, “Exploring Behavioral Addictions,” is the most eye-catching topic.

“Addictions are not limited to drugs and alcohol — there’s behavioral addictions as well,” Klink said. “For ‘Sex, Slots, Shoes and Chocolate,’ we will look at what leads people to behavioral addiction and how you can treat some of those addictions, because it’s a little bit different type of treatment.”

Klink said all classes will be led by members of The Virtue Center’s team, with different therapists assigned to each training in their specialty area.

“They’re spending a lot of time preparing information for these,” Klink said. “It’s going to be a new informative training experience, and we’re excited about it.”

As a nonprofit, Klink said when people sign up for the training classes, they’re helping to further the mission of providing assistance to those who face addiction and mental health challenges.

“It’s another great way to help and support our mission,” Klink said.

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