PURCELL — The wagon train is a rollin’ into Norman right on time for the annual '89er Parade.

Teamsters and trail riders embarked on a 40-mile trek Sunday from the Tuffy Wigley Ranch in Paoli to Norman via horseback and wagon to commemorate the anniversary of the 1889 Land Run.

Today, the group of The modern-day Sooner will head for Slaughterville, and on Friday, they expect to reach Norman.

They rode through rain and averted a wagon collision, but all 12 of their wagons are ready to take part in the annual event that celebrates Oklahoma’s statehood.

“That’s a big deal, we’ll have our meeting and we’ll give out our awards to people who kept the ride going — the scouts that looked out for traffic and kept the wagons safe," said Lillian Guess, a member of the board of directors for the Sooner Teamsters. "They’ve earned it this year. They’ve definitely earned it for the past two days. 

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