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"We Are Norman" will host a mobile rally in support of Norman Mayor Breea Clark and Norman City Council this weekend.

According to a newsletter, participants will drive through Norman at 3 p.m. on Sunday with their cars decorated to show solidarity for city leadership and opposition to UniteNorman. At the end of the route, there will be a designated spot to put Legos on a “We Are Norman” sign and a “Peace” sign. All of the Legos donated will be donated to nonprofit organizations serving children.

“We Are Norman” member Marcie King said city leadership has been invited to the rally. She said there will be no speakers at the rally.

“What we are trying to do is avoid creating a large gathering of people because of concerns for COVID-19,” King said. “We kind of made this into a come-and-go with a drive through the city because it’s just not safe.”

The route that cars will be driving and the final end point will not be disclosed until 2 p.m., an hour before the rally is planned to start.

“We are concerned about the way that 'Unite Norman' handles themselves, and it’s a little bit worrisome, so we just thought we would put the map out right before the rally starts,” King said. “We will have masks, hand sanitizer and gloves on site, because some people want to place their own Legos on the signs, which is fine, as long as the crowd doesn’t get too big.”

According to the release, the Legos represent multiple facets of the group’s perspective. The group hopes to work with city leaders to find a peaceful way to address citizen concerns. The Legos remind them of when the world was simple and peaceful, and symbolize the group’s goal to unite the city with community leaders for the best outcomes, according to the release.

King said she will be reminding participants to practice the ordinances that the city has created.

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