With 67.59% of the vote, Kendra Wesson has beaten Nancy Sangirardi and Sassan Moghadam in the House District 46 Republican primary, and will not have to face a runoff.

She will face incumbent Rep. Jacob Rosecrants in the General Election Nov. 8.

Wesson is an accountant and co-chair of School Boards 4 Kids, a group that recruits school board candidates to run to “end the indoctrination.” She is also a former member of Unite Norman, the group that formed in 2020 to recall Norman leadership that voted to reallocate proposed police funding.

According to her website, Wesson plans to fund public safety and support military members and veterans if elected. She also plans to “encourage pro-business policies" and work for proper budgeting and transparency in tax dollar spending.

"I appreciate everyone that has supported me in this campaign," she said in a prepared statement Tuesday. "The work is not over and we are ready for the coming challenge. There is no reckoning with a force that puts faith and community first. Thank you Norman for believing in me."

Moghadam, the co-founder of Unite Norman who came under scrutiny in 2020 when he threw a brick at a car full of teenagers and tried to make a citizen’s arrest of them, earned 11.88% of the vote. Sangirardi, the current chair of the Cleveland County Republican Party, earned 20.53%.

Moghadam admitted Tuesday night that he entered the race to “affect the results” so Wesson wouldn’t win the election. He supported Sangirardi, who ran against abortion and Critical Race Theory in Oklahoma public schools, and for economic opportunity.

Sangirardi declined to comment on the primary Tuesday night.

Moghadam said he could support Rosecrants, who he believes is experienced.

“I know he’s a Democrat. I’ve supported Democrats who have experience, and so I will strongly consider supporting him,” Moghadam said.

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