Women's March on Oklahoma

Crowds rally Saturday at the Oklahoma Capital the Women's March on Oklahoma. Over 12,000 women and men attended to the march.

About 3,000 marchers were expected at the Oklahoma City Women’s March Saturday morning. Over three times that number came to the State Capitol to participate in one of Oklahoma’s two marches.

The Capitol’s south lawn was covered in people wearing t-shirts and holding signs supporting everything from indigenous rights and women’s healthcare to racial justice and environmental activism.

Marchers chanted and sang as they walked down N. Lincoln Boulevard. 

Melissa Scott said she joined in the march to stand up for her beliefs and the rights of women everywhere. 

“I have marched this march before. 30 years ago,” Scott said. “Yet we are still not equal. My mother-in-law has been marching it since the 60s. For 100-plus years women have been marching.

"It has been slow progress. But it has been progress. I march so that we keep moving forward. I fear we will move backward. I will keep marching. We will keep fighting. We cannot give up. We cannot be silent.”

See full coverage in Sunday’s edition of The Transcript. 

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