OKLAHOMA CITY — Following the IRS’ lead, the state Tax Commission has extended the deadline for Oklahomans to pay their state income taxes without penalty by two months.

April Gonzalez, a spokeswoman for the Tax Commission, said technically under law, Oklahomans still must file by April 15. However, the agency won’t penalize anyone as long as they file their state returns by June 15.

The IRS granted federal income tax extensions to Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana filers following the February’s historic winter storm, which dumped snow and caused arctic temperatures and rolling power outages across much of the region.

Oklahoma officials said they opted to follow suit earlier this month to help Oklahomans who typically file their federal and state income taxes together.

Clark Jolley, a state tax commissioner, in a video post, said Oklahoma’s state statutes are very tricky in the way they’re written. Tax commissioners cannot legally change the April 15 date for filing unless it’s nationally changed in the United States code, he said.

“Getting highly technical, we can’t technically move it, but we can effectually move it and effectively we’ve moved it to June 15 by saying we’re going to waive any and all penalties and interest,” he said. “So if you do file after April 15, you’re not going to be penalized. You’re not going to pay any penalties or interest.

He said the state’s June 15 extension applies to personal 2020 income tax returns, franchise tax returns and 2021 income tax estimates.

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