Doctors, nurses need increased funding

Editor, The Transcript:

I want to publicly thank doctors, nurses and other health care workers who are risking their lives and helping patients heal from COVID-19. Not only are they risking their own personal health, they're bearing the burden of potentially infecting their families. To say we all owe of them a deep debt of gratitude is an understatement. As the daughter of a doctor and a mother of a little one, this crisis hits home for me.

While deliberations are being hosted in Washington on how to fill in the gaps with federal funding, my loved ones here in Norman see first-hand that doctors and nurses need increased funding that is specific to their needs. We are already starting to see reports of reduced hours and furloughs of workers in other departments at our metro-area hospitals. Norman residents are dusting off sewing machines and making life-saving PPE for Norman healers. If Congress does not act, the impact of coronavirus will be felt long after social distancing measures end. The CARES Act was a start, but we are counting on Sens. Jim Inhofe and James Lankford to make sure health care workers are supported now and well into the future.


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