If you were among the hordes of people who took a couple of hours Friday to stand in line to cast your early vote, thank you. You should be proud.

In the day and age where "American Idol" contestants get more votes than presidents, I was so happy to see the line snaking around Peters Avenue and Main Street on Friday. If I could have, I would have patted each one of you on the back, maybe even given a couple of hugs. Which would have been a difficult task since every time I went to check on the line, thinking maybe I could sneak in and do a quick vote, you hardy voters had multiplied like rabbits.

I don't care which candidate you voted for to put into various offices. I could really care less if you approved or vetoed certain issues. I'm just happy you voted. You drove all the way downtown. You searched for a parking space, which I understand were few and far between at times. Some of you wore costumes. You walked a few blocks, some of you even had strollers filled with children who were eager to go trick-or-treating later that night. Then you stood in line. For a long time. A really long time. There was no pushing. No name calling. Granted, you got to enjoy a beautiful Oklahoma afternoon. But you made a difference. You made history.

I wanted to be a part of the voting surge on Friday. Earlier in the week I had made plans to vote early. I figured since I work across the street from the Cleveland County Election Board, I'd walk over during my lunch break. I was even going to invite a couple of co-workers to walk with me since some of us are participating in the Norman Regional Hospital's Heart and Sole walking program. I thought it would have been a great way to rack up steps for our group, The Typo Positives. That is until I saw the early morning line.

Friday morning I stood on the corner of Peters Avenue, still a bit sleepy, holding my cup of coffee. I tried to wrap my brain around the long line. I was shocked, excited and a tad emotional. People cared enough to stand in line. On a cool October morning. To vote. It's the first time in my voting lifetime I've seen this much enthusiasm for a presidential election. And by looking at the lines in Cleveland County, I'm proud my fellow Oklahomans are excited, too.

If you were like me and unable able to take part in Friday's voting surge, that's OK. You actually have until Tuesday.

Shana Adkisson 366-3532 sadkisson@normantranscript.com

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