Whether Tuesday’s election results were to your liking or not, we’re hopeful our newly-elected officials will work for all of us toward the betterment of Norman.

In reflecting on Tuesday’s runoff outcomes, we want to first say thank you to Mayor Breea Clark, Ward 4 Councilor Lee Hall and the NPS Board of Education’s Dan Snell. While Clark and Snell were beaten by their opponents in Tuesday’s runoff, and Hall chose not to run again, each has done admirable public service in their work for Norman residents over the last few years.

Clark dealt with a mayoral term marked by both the COVID-19 pandemic and a complex discussion about policing and law enforcement funding in Norman. We appreciate her steady leadership and how she made tough decisions, especially during the pandemic, that kept residents safe.

Since September 2019, Hall has served Ward 4 residents with excellence tackling complicated subjects like homelessness, a significant topic of discussion in her ward specifically. We appreciate her always-informed approach to difficult issues.

Snell leaves his position after 25 years on the board — he’s walked NPS through multiple superintendents’ administrations and bond projects and prioritized professional development for faculty and staff and alternative education at Dimensions Academy. We appreciate his decades-long dedication to serving the faculty, staff and families of NPS and the institutional knowledge he carries.

We also want to congratulate our newly-elected officials: Mayor-elect Larry Heikkila, Ward 4 Councilor-elect Helen Grant and Board of Education member-elect Alex Ruggiers.

We hope to see a commitment to transparency and accountability, public service over self, collaboration and humility and genuine care for their community from each of them.

We hope to see them elevate city over party or political prerogative — in nonpartisan positions like mayor or councilor, it’s imperative that our officials focus on the good of Norman and the safety and ensure residents, housed and unhoused, prosper.

None of their jobs will be easy, but we hope each is rewarding and productive both for these officials and for all the constituents they serve.

The Norman Transcript Editorial Board includes Publisher Mark Millsap, Editor Emma Keith and News Editor Max Bryan. For comments or questions, email editor@normantranscript.com.

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