P ASADENA --?Happy New Year, everybody, and God Bless America.

While I'm waving to you from the Oklahoma Centennial float in the Rose Parade, enjoy part two of our annual look back at things that made us laugh in 2006.

MAY -- Bolivia's new president Evo Morales said he wants to legalize cocaine production. It's a sound idea. Most young people know better than to touch this diabolical drug, but he thinks Baby Boomers might relapse once the house is paid for.

Montana authorities said a schoolteacher in Livingston accidentally fired a shotgun into a classroom ceiling while giving kids a lesson on shotgun safety. That does it. Next year they must make Vice Presidents Day a school holiday.

The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., unveiled Bill Clinton's official presidential portrait by artist Nelson Shanks. The painter depicted him standing by his desk in the Oval Office fully dressed. It's called artistic license.

JUNE -- The History Channel just telecast George Washington the Warrior. He started a world war when he was 21 when he accidentally ambushed sleeping French troops. It shows that President Bush has a long way to go before he gets an obelisk.

Paul McCartney asked the media to go easy on revelations of his wife Heather's sordid past. He missed the little signs. Every time they watched Two and a Half Men, she would remember out loud that Charlie Sheen still owes her $300.

The U.S. lost in the World Cup in what's clearly not our sport. In World Cup football they kick a ball around for 90 minutes, no contact allowed. In U.S. football the quarterback goes flying over the motorcycle handlebars like a man.

JULY -- Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned that an Israeli attack on Syria would be an attack on the Islamic world. It set off a wild reaction. Men fired their guns into the air in jubilation, and that was at the Petroleum Club in Houston.

North Korea's Kim Jong Il threatened California with a nuclear bomb test. He keeps a harem and washes down amphetamines with two quarts of cognac a day. You would think he wouldn't attack Los Angeles out of professional courtesy.

Mel Gibson was pulled over by Malibu police for speeding and arrested for drunk driving. The whole thing was a nightmare for him. He wasn't released until he paid a $5,000 bond and agreed to read the judge's screenplay.

AUGUST -- Tour de France champ Floyd Landis said he expects his title will be stripped away. He's had a lot of flowers thrown his way. When he won he got a call from President Bush and when he got caught cheating he got a call from President Clinton.

Mel Gibson was defended by actors and producers and agents following his anti-Semitic outburst in Malibu. It's no surprise the movie colony rallied behind him. Hollywood lives by a theology that hates the sin but loves the director.

Fidel Castro gave power to his brother Raul when he underwent surgery for bleeding intestines. It doesn't look good. President Bush is going to feel very upstaged after all he has done if a dictator can be overthrown by Mexican food.

Argus Hamilton is the host comedian at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. He can be reached for speaking engagements by e-mail at argus@argushamilton.com.

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