A wise man once said never argue with someone who buys printer's ink by the barrel, but the Tahlequah editorial in Jul 25 edition of the Transcript (“Doubling base wage would hurt Oklahoma”) is flawed beyond repair.

While agreeing that $15 is not enough, it undercuts its own argument by admitting that many states — especially on the coasts — are much higher than here in Oklahoma. It’s business argument that it is more than Oklahoma businesses can afford is also lame.

How many businesses provide benefits that are much more expensive to such workers? The McDonald's argument fails because it would add about a nickel to the Big Mac to provide a $15-an-hour salary to its minimum wage employees.

Walmart could provide it if the Walton family would be content with being merely the third- or fourth-richest family in the United States. They argue that many more educated workers receive the same; in past days CEOs and owners were paid a much lower multiple of their lowest paid employee.

According to a report from the Economic Policy Institute, the average CEO pay is 271 times the nearly $58,000 average pay of the typical American worker.

Cities and states that have already done have found that lowerincome people will spend everything. It's trickle up; trickle down doesn't ever work.

As Dave Ramsay says, one gets rich by saving, not spending. Amazon had a profit of $11.2 billion dollars last year and paid no tax; surely a solution can be found. The real reason, Tahlequah, is greed, not all the traffic will bear. Take care of your workers, and they will take care of you, Mr. CEO.

Dr Henry P. Roberson


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