Kudos to your reporter, Reese Gorman, for his work laying bare the partisan absurdity of my Congressman Tom Cole's reasons, nee excuses, for opposing President Biden's infrastructure proposal, also known as the American Jobs Plan.

The vast majority of Biden's well-thought-out initiative addresses directly Oklahoma's needs in the areas of roads, bridges, waterways, internet access and connectivity.

Cole actually says the president's plan spends TOO LITTLE IN THESE CRITICAL AREAS. Does anybody who knows Cole and his previous public statements about federal spending and the national debt really believe that?

On top of that stunner from my alleged fiscally conservative congressman, he then reveals, probably without thinking, his real reason for his opposition. In the middle of the worst health pandemic in at least 100 years, Cole declares he rejects in the president's plan even federal funding for medicaid expansion in our state, which has the worst, or nearly the worst, health indicators IN THE NATION.

His oppositional stance comes also at the time our own legislature is searching for money to fund what voters approved last June — the very same expansion of health care to at least 200,000 citizens, many of whom are Cole's constituents in the 4th district.

In reality, if former President Trump had laid on the congressional desk for consideration a similar or even identical infrastructure plan, does anyone remotely believe Congressman Cole would utter even a sentence or syllable of opposition? Well, if you do, please name one major Trump proposal that Cole spoke or wrote against during the entire four years of Trump's presidency.

And, as occurred during an earlier controversy about where the truth lies, I'm willing to wait until "something" freezes over for an answer.

Cal Hobson



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