In response to the Norman Transcript’s July 20 article “Post-July 4th fireworks present issues for citizens” by Jesse Crittenden:

According to city ordinance 9-202, “It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to possess, store, discharge, use, ignite, explode, or cause to explode any consumer fireworks within the City of Norman, except as hereinafter provided…”

The key word is “possess.” If it is unlawful to possess consumer fireworks in a city, which prohibits possession, then why are fireworks being sold to consumers living in those cities? The seller needs to take responsibly.

One solution would be to require the consumer to present a valid driver's license at the point of purchase. If a person was identified as being a resident of a city that prohibits the possession of fireworks, then the sale should be denied.

Lynn Leuck


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