I am saddened by comments this morning upon reading an article in The Transcript concerning the Ward 3 city council election results.

It seems that the group spokesperson for the “Divide Norman” group considers me and anyone like me who has a difference of opinion on city matters to be “The Enemy.” It is unfortunate that their spokesperson, Moghadam, considers a difference of beliefs and ideas among Norman citizens a ”war.”

Norman has always been a city that values ideas from all sides, but it seems that this group can only call names and attempt to divide the citizens with their fascist-based comments about those who look at things in a different light. It is groups like this who are causing the split among citizens in our country today.

We have had far-right wingers on the council before and have survived as a united city in spite of their divisive rhetoric and activities. Here’s hoping that more considerate, accepting and rational minds prevail in this time of created division in our city, and we continue to keep the welfare of ALL citizens, no matter what their beliefs and ideas are, in the forefront of the decisions made by the city council, and not just some fringe, divisive group’s agenda.

Larry Steele



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