Masking about more than just the individual

It is amazing how little some Norman residents, including some council members, understand about managing in a public service government organization.

The City Council’s passing of a resolution to encourage the wearing of masks was very appropriate. People stating they have a God-given right to decide whether they wear a mask or not emphasizes this lack of understanding.

The mask is not so much about protecting only them, but to control spreading a disease in our society. Disease control in our society is a valid government function. It has been since the beginning of our great nation.

During WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War, young men were drafted into the military service. Many, including myself, did not volunteer for the military, and entered service not to protect ourselves, but to protect our nation. I wonder how these anti-maskers would feel about being drafted into the military?

They have a right to whine about a non-mandatory resolution because of those who did not refuse to go to the military when our nation needed them. As for me, I will ignore them, along with the City Council members who do not understand doing something for the greater good of our nation.

My thanks to the educated City Council members who understand their job and pass such resolutions.

Richard C. Hall



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