Norman Forward project a tribute to community

Clouds of turquoise and black dirt rose from shovels on Nov. 1 at Rich Street and Findlay Avenue.

Citizens were taking part in the groundbreaking of another long-awaited Norman Forward project. Under a large white tent, more than 100 people watched a film about the upcoming project and many of the people who were part of the effort to get it off the ground.

Many of those attending will take part in completing the building. This project will be a tribute to those citizens who have lived, worked and paid taxes in Norman for years.

As of now, the project does not have a name, but it is often referred to as a senior or wellness center. Many who are in the 50-plus-year range are pushing back on those names. They equate “senior” with old and wellness with a medical clinic. A public meeting will be held soon to discuss the naming.

The path to Monday’s celebration has been controversial, as five different sites had been suggested in years past. Now that we have a site and funds for construction, Norman residents may be seeing signs of construction on an activity center after the first of 2022. The building is slated to be completed in 2023.

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