State redistricting was partisan gerrymandering

Dear Transcript Editor,

Well, it didn’t take long, but the Republicans are again using sleight of hand coupled with a “good ole boy” answer to gerrymander our congressional districts.

If anyone hadn’t noticed, much of Hispanic-dominated South OKC has been gerrymandered to western Oklahoma to protect Stephanie Bice’s congressional seat.

The Republicans are afraid that Kendra Horn will challenge a do-nothing Bice and win that seat back for the Democrats. They claim that Hispanic, urban south OKC residents have a lot in common with pig farmers in the panhandle. If it wasn’t so sad, it might be funny.

Also, resident con-man Tom Cole is again acting like he’s open minded, but consistently is trying to stifle any progress for Oklahomans. He and the rest of our intelligence-challenged delegation voted against the new infrastructure bill that will help Oklahomans immensely.

He voted against rural broadband in a predominantly rural state. He voted against fixing our deteriorating roads and bridges. He voted against combating climate change, which has affected Oklahoma with severe weather incidents that have cost Oklahomans millions of dollars. It’s astounding.

But watch the magic happen. All seven of our “negative nannies” will be there when progress is made to take credit for something they voted against multiple times. The hypocrisy is staggering.

Just watch and wait, Oklahoma, for these “say one thing, do another” shysters to appear to have our best interests at heart and vote against them time after time. Sad.

Larry Steele



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