Being unvaccinated presents risk to others

Editor, The Transcript:

I am a resident of Ward 5, represented by Rarchar Tortorello, and responding to his published quote: “If you’re naturally immune or you have natural immunity, you don’t have to take [the vaccine].”

I am not commenting on his vote per the vaccine incentives program, or about his false statement that natural immunity makes vaccination unnecessary.

I am commenting on the more revealing, implicit message of his quote: that the decision to be vaccinated is limited only to the risk to the individual. It is not.

The chance of infection and passing COVID-19 to others (with or without symptoms) is significantly greater for those who are not vaccinated. Within our community are vulnerable populations: children under the age of 12, the vaccinated elderly and the immunocompromised.

Our health care system has been overly burdened by this virus for far too long, and now the majority of hospitalized patients are unvaccinated. Rarchar and those who spread this misinformation are spreading the virus itself, prolonging this pandemic and its terrible consequences.




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