Permitless carry endangers women and children

This past week, I sat in our Capitol building's House gallery and watched HB2597, a dangerous permitless carry bill, pass with a vote of 70-30. By voting to gut our permitting system, those 70 members of the house showed an utter disregard for the women of Oklahoma. An average of 85 Oklahoma women die each year due to domestic violence, 70% of whom are killed with a firearm. In fact, women are five times more likely to be murdered if their partner owns a gun and Oklahoma already ranks 15th in the nation for women killed by men.

Women of color are disproportionally affected by gun violence. If lawmakers truly value women, they should stop enacting policies that endanger them. I implore members of the Senate and our Governor to stand up for what is right and keep our current permitting system in place. Governor Stitt has said he wants Oklahoma to be a top ten state, if this law passes we could very well be in the top ten, for gun deaths. As a mother and a volunteer for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, I see other states moving forward with common sense gun laws and I am saddened to see my own state move backward. Please join me in calling for our leadership to protect women. Contact your senator today and let them know you oppose this bill.

Amanda Bryant

Moms Demand Action

Norman Group Lead

'Efficiency' isn't cost-savings Republicans claim it is

Recenty on KFOR's FLASH POINT the Republican guest said "efficiency is not a bad word", and addressed "ownership" issues, while defending eliminating waste in Government. I am not for waste in Government. I am against the Trojan Horse motives that Republicans have used over the years to get us in the situation we find ourselves in today. They have efficiently cut State budgets to the bone in Oklahoma to where we now have to come up with more money to repair highways, build schools, repair the Capitol Dome that Gov. Keating mis-promised would be built without tax dollars, and that fracking caused earthquakes surely weaken. The issue of rethinking which occupational licenses do we really need was also brought up. Plumber, electrician, bridge welder, food inspector, water plant operators might not need to be licensed if the boss has a license? They will do the work, the company will get the profit?

Republicans say that Government gets in the way of progress. What they mean is Government gets in the way of maximum profit. Republicans say that Government regulations make running a business too hard. What they mean is, I want to cheat on my taxes, call my synthetic product natural, or like in Detroit, have unlicensed appointees pull drinking water from unsafe sources against the advice of the licensed State Authorities. All in the name of profit.

Many among us can remember the "Right to Work" farce that Republicans championed many years ago. The mantra then was companies won't come to Oklahoma because we have Union Shops here. Right to Work will bring aircraft manufacturing jobs to Tulsa. Didn't happen. What did happen is that GM left. What companies said then and is still true today is that they need a pool of applicants with good education and trade skills. The only reason every school in Oklahoma is not a for profit private charter school is Teachers unions. When the Republicans can defeat the Teachers union then the efficiency in government crowd can start making a profit off your child's education. How much you can afford will then determine the level of education your child will receive.

The 01/29/2019 Norman Transcript had a piece on HB2328 written by Republicans Kevin McDugle of Broken Arrow and Josh West of Grove. This bill would make it harder to sue a peace officer in court that uses excessive force. It is against policies that make officers stop and think before beating up an old lady that shakes her cane at an him. I assume there has been a rash of lawsuits, costing small town Police Departments that hire unqualified personnel. What I see as the real problem is not spending the money up front with higher pay for higher educated officers. I also see two rubes that rather than have officers obey the law while making life and death decisions and then owning their decisions; would get rid of the law.

Jim Ammerman


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