Urge our legislators to protect vulnerable

Let's join our voices with other Oklahomans and world neighbors who are outraged at the human rights abuses of children and adults who are asylum seekers, refugees, immigrants being detained in centers that are grossly violating their basic human and civil rights under domestic and international protections. Protections such as the Flores Settlement Agreement and the Trafficking Victims Protection Authorization Act, among others.

The psychological and physical trauma being perpetrated on these our fellow human beings is deeply dehumanizing, criminalizing, and completely unacceptable. Members of Japanese-American communities, Native American Tribal communities, and Jewish communities among others are powerfully reminding us that this level of trauma and violence has far-reaching and multi-generational repercussions not just in those communities but in all of our communities. The American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the the American College of Physicians among other organizations have all condemned family detention and an overwhelming number of recent investigative reports are exposing the horrific conditions in detainment centers. As Oklahoma's Fort Sill is planned to be yet another site for these atrocities, we call for a massive change that will ensure that this does not continue - not in Oklahoma and not anywhere.

Let's contact and urge our representatives to use their congressional powers to enact meaningful oversight protections and ongoing actions to see that all of the children and adults :

*receive nutritious food and clean water

*have beds in which to sleep

*have access to regular hygiene and proper medical care

*are not being deprived of previously provided recreational activities and language classes

*are not being placed in overcrowded facilities

*are allowed to receive donations of food, hygiene products, and more from the general public

*are given their due process under domestic and international laws and not detained for indefinite times

*are being treated by caring professionals for any and all illness including mental health and trauma disorders

*are receiving robust, careful, and individualized case management that includes services in the native languages of the children and adults

*are not being subjected to torture nor discrimination for any reason including gender identification

*are not in situations where children are left to care for other children due to lack of caring adults - be that due to family separation and/or lack of personnel in these capacities at detention centers

*are frequently and regularly visited by designated professionals who are vetted to ensure for their ongoing humane treatment and who will report conditions widely and often to the the public

Thank you for your consideration of these urgent requests and for all actions that you have or are doing to protect the most vulnerable.

Christina Audas


Logan misses the point

Mr Logan; your letter What am I missing? in Friday's paper baited me to reply. I believe you are missing several items needed to make informed decisions. You either have a bad memory, or get your information from the conservative media as did the lady that was shocked to hear that the Mueller report did not exonerate Mr Trump. I'm guessing, starting with your high school education you missed American History and how our Nation has always been a land of opportunity for those willing to risk it all to come here. More recently you missed the effects NAFTA had on Central America.

Thousands of dirt poor hard working existence farmers were run off their farms at gun point by corrupt local governments, so our agra-business could grow millions of acres of crops on their land. In the 1980s' we waved cash dollars under the noses of these displaced workers to build our houses and many self made realtors made their fortunes off the cheap labor provided. We always had seasonal helpers to harvest our crops in the fall. September 11th 2001 changed the game. Instead of blaming the Saudis, of whom Osama Bin Laden and most of the high-jackers were from, the Bush administration went after Saddam Hussain because some how our oil was under his sand. Not one high-jacker crossed the Rio Grande, they came here on airplanes. The Sanchez family had been living in Texas 200 years before the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock. You missed Civics and the understanding of our rules of law outlined in the Constitution. By law and treaty the United States is bound to accept refuges. By LAW.

We assign a caseworker to them and allow them to live with family awaiting a judges ruling. If Mr Trump made things worse by closing the asylum offices on the border, causing a back load to build up forcing some to try to sneak in to our country which is a misdemeanor not a felony. Mr Trump also had a deal to upgrade security on the border by using high tech sensors, drones and more border guards. This deal then flip flopped when when a bevy of harpys screamed on FOX NEWS. There is more but I'm sure you don't care because another thing you are missing is your humanity. As for the wall I'd bet Mr Trump has bought concrete futures so he can profit from it as he has shown a proclivity to make personal profit from his office.

Jim Ammerman