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Having been born in 1971, I’m not old enough to fully appreciate the nation’s oil crisis of that decade, or the booms and bust of the ’80s and ’90s that impacted our state.

At the June 16 City Council meeting, Norman City Council opted to try something different. Our actions made it clear that we, as a community, don’t have to settle for the status quo because “that’s just always how we’ve done it.” Considering the budget approved for our City for FY 2021 was $…

Two men with shopping bags walked into a downtown bank one morning this past week. Both were wearing masks. They asked to see one of the vice presidents. Nobody set off an alarm or headed for the floor or the back door. They welcomed us and helped us find our appointment.

The best way to protect computerized information from the bad guys is to use encryption. Whether it's financial and medical information stored on your computer or private data sent across the Internet in an email, encryption transforms your personal information into a secret code that can on…

DUNCAN -- Ron Burton's travels have taken him around the world multiple times. As president of Rotary International and as a Rotary Foundation Chairman, Ron and his wife, Jetta, have visited dozens of countries, met with heads of state and captains of industry.

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