Mayor needs to focus on her job

Editor, The Transcript:

I was mildly amused and significantly irritated when Norman Mayor Breea Clark cited the preamble to the Constitution as the basis of her authority to order Norman churches to close.

The preamble is exactly that -- an introduction to the concepts to be stated in the Constitution. It does not convey any power or authority to any government entity or individual.

Two basic legal concepts should be explained to the mayor. If there is a conflict between a new law and an older one, it is presumed the newer law prevails. The preamble was ratified in 1788 and the Bill of Rights in 1791.

The second concept is that specific laws control over general laws.

The preamble is definitely a general, conceptual statement. The Bill of Rights is very specific when the First Amendment states no law shall affect the exercise of religion. No one -- mayors, governors or presidents -- has authority to reduce religious freedom.

Even more confusing than the mayor's questionable legal authority is her request that residents grocery shop on odd/even days coinciding with one's address.

That policy could not possibly affect any aspect of shopping. It was nothing more than a media moment.

Media exposure would seem to be the mayor's sole intent, and in that respect, she has been very successful. I think she should find a new legal advisor and focus on her job.



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