Recall effort made due to council's radicalization

Editor, The Transcript:

Council member Alison Petrone is being disingenuous when she stated in The Norman Transcript article, "I'm sure there are going to be a lot of people mad at me. And you know what, they might be so mad at me that they're going to recall me. Well, I would rather be recalled than not have a bunch of unnecessary deaths out there that I could have done something about."

She knows that the recall effort was already moving forward when the mask vote took place. The recall has little to do with the forgone conclusion that the mask vote was. Indeed, I bemoan the politicizing of the mask issue.

The recall effort has a great deal to do with the radicalization of the council, which doesn't reflect the majority of Norman's voters through such issues as the consideration of a sanctuary city status, defunding the police department and even to the way in which the council seems driven by emotions and not facts and logic.

Of even greater concern is what this council will do in the future to take us in directions in which the majority of voters do not wish to go such as further defunding of the police department and a furthering of the already anti-business and anti-growth environment that has always been part and parcel to living in Norman.

In the long term, we need to change the city charter to move election dates to the same time as state and national elections. This will increase voter participation and save the city money. And who could possibly be against that? If some of your readers have similar thoughts and concerns, I urge them to take the time to sign the recall petitions for the mayor's office and their ward as appropriate. Let your voice be heard.



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