Editor, The Transcript:

Foreign invasion of products-- shoes, toasters, cars (you name it) -- into the U.S. is mind blowing. What happened to import taxes? Trade deficits are so scary they should not be shown to children.

Emerging countries are given special status (now, it is our turn.) Imports are apparently accepted with impunity. Death of U.S. manufacturing began about three decades ago. Now, most U.S. manufacturers are bankrupt or moving elsewhere.

Recently, you could trade in your American car on a foreign model and receive $4,500 (Washington works in mysterious ways.) Protectionism is not the answer. A fair import tax will do.

Brand name piracy threatens old world quality and new world manufacturing. Recently, while at a yard sale, I saw a nice looking Gucci handbag, made in Paris, which, when closely inspected, revealed the handbag a fake. Inside, a very small tag revealed real country of origin. Unconcerned importers trade blatant fake merchandise without fear of fines. It appears residents at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. will not be happy until all U.S. manufacturers are replaced by offshore companies.

Another question: Why do we not trade with Cuba?

Are you content with other countries selling cars and everything else we use, while we sell Cokes, coffee and hamburgers in return?



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