Editor, The Transcript:

I have three horses, three cats, one rescued dog, 24 chickens and two pigs. Our animals are spayed and neutered. We take care of our animals. The folks at Purcell Farm -- Ranch can tell you how much we spend.

We live in the country, so there is no shelter for unwanted animals. Irresponsible owners dump rejects here. We shot two abandoned dogs -- one killed 3 cats and 19 chickens (penned up for protection.) The next growled and bared teeth when we exited our home. There's a dog destroying patio furniture, getting in our dumpster and harassing livestock. We can't get a good shot because he heads toward occupied areas.

We can't catch him.If we did, what next? No animal shelter ("people who live in municipalities pay taxes for shelters and this is the trade off for living in the country" -- a quote to me. Do you think those people are responsible for dumping the dogs?)

We work full time and spend weekends keeping our place up (including trash dumped by people too cheap to pay for a service.)

If you live in the city, I have a message for you -- "We don't want your trash, or animals you throw away like trash and we don't want to shoot them. What other choice do we have if they are dangerous or destructive?"

Yeah, yeah, I'm cold, but try walking a little while in the chewed up boots. I thought Rover the Reject couldn't reach them.

Kathy Holsonbake


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