Editor, The Transcript:

Community Action wishes to extend a heartfelt thank you to every individual, group and corporate sponsor that helped our clients with the "They Need A Little Christmas."

During a time when many families are experiencing the consequences of a hurting economy it is encouraging to see our community reach out in such a special way. The staff was touched daily as we witnessed the community taking care of its own. One special moment was seeing a grandparent unload their grandkids with gifts under their arms and big smiles on their faces as they proclaimed, "We bought gifts!"

Another was the very energetic 4-year-old boy who came with his parents to get food. When the staff learned that he was not going to be having Christmas, we asked his mother if we could give her a few toys that were given through toy drives.

He overheard and jumped with joy as he exclaimed, "So I will have Christmas!" There was eye opening conversations with callers who realized there are many people in our community seeking very basic needs. Of course many tears were shed as parents were overwhelmed by the generosity. We heard over and over again, "thank you, I just didn't know how we were going to have Christmas." Several families mentioned they have never had to ask for help as they wrapped their arms around us to say, "thank you." Community Action is thrilled and proud to share that every one of the children and teenagers on our list opened Christmas this year.

We wish to send special thanks to:

Office Max Call Center, Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity House Board, Norman Police Department, Primrose Funeral Home, Dr. Child's office, Dr. Holloway's office, Salon Zen

And every individual and family that gave

Thank you.

Leona Chapman

Family Support Specialist

Community Action

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