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In response to the letter dated April 5th, 2010 by Ms. Nadine Jewell….

Dear Ms Jewell:

I have never written a letter to the editor, but your recent post was too important to not address. Have you read the Constitution lately? Did you know that the latest polls reveal that the Tea Party consists of 51 percent Democrats and Independents? Did you know that even though Nancy Pelosi walked through the Tea Party (people she has expressed great concern and fear over), there was not one racial slur nor any spit recorded on film… even though there were cameras rolling everywhere? Did you know that MSNBC decided on the Monday morning after the health bill was passed to place as much spin as possible on reported problems? If you insist that the Tea Party actually participated in screaming racial slurs or deliberately spit on people… then show me the proof. If you have no proof, then apparently you believe in media lies.  Please check your sources.

The Tea Party was formed in response to an administration who is not listening to the voice of the American people. We are speaking up because we are being ignored. We are speaking out for fear of losing our liberties. We are concerned that the present-day course taken by this administration is without any sort of fiscal accountability or responsibility. We are gathering strength proportionally to the degree by which Congress and White House choose to ignore the Constitution and instead replace it with shady gifts or bribes behind closed doors that have nothing to do with specific legislation.

Two quotes I have heard lately are quite alarming to me. The first was made by the Rev. Al Sharpton that: “The American people wanted socialism when they voted for Obama.” Nothing could be further from the truth, but seems to be the thinking on the Hill these days. Obama did not run on a socialist ticket. The other remark made by Democratic Congressman Phil Hare was: “I don’t care what the Constitution says.”

Don’t you care about your Constitution? I, for one, care very much.

It is sad to me that you are actually participating in the effort to demonize dissension from those who want the Constitution to be upheld. The liberal left wants our Tea Party to make mistakes, to become violent, to become racist and to become crazy. You are participating in pointing the finger at something that simply does not exist. (We aren’t crazy… we don’t become violent… and we don’t yell names… please provide documented proof of your allegations.) You are trying to galvanize your left-wing base to invalidate our efforts to uphold the Constitution. 

When you remember that the only thing bipartisan about the health care bill was the opposition, it becomes apparent that the false accusations you are supporting are made from fear. Fear that the American people will not allow the Constitution or our voices to be ignored much longer… the November elections will finally begin to fix the mess the extreme radical left in the White House has created. When people fear the government, that is tyranny. I fear this government very much. It is time for the government to begin to fear the people, and your article just reassured me that finally, this administration is beginning to fear the American people.

As far as “lies” in the health care bill go, the health care bill is so scary, the truth about the health care bill is enough to scare the pants off of any American. Lies don’t need to be told about it, the truth is terrifying enough. Even if the specifics in the health care bill were helpful to Americans, it is completely and totally financially irresponsible. Left unchecked, it will bankrupt the United States. (Which I think was the original intent.) 

I feel certain that most Americans approve of improvements in the present health care system, but not the way this bill was shoved down our throats, written in secrecy, and all opposition is now silenced, bribed or ridiculed. Americans did not want this bill, and Americans will have the last laugh.

It is a shame that an Oklahoman has resort to demonizing dissension.  

I am shocked to hear that an Oklahoman supports silencing free speech, too. 

Just how afraid of the American people are you?

Judy Rivers


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