Editor, The Transcript:

I am amazed by the vapid intellectual constructs that pass as facts. "Repeat a lie" is propaganda Doctrine 101. The believing of alternate facts illustrates this. Not understanding the actual meaning of a word and then declaring you are against the ideas that the word conjures is ignorance verbalized.

Educate yourself. Read something. Don't take the word of the local Don Burgundy. I believe socialism is constantly being conflated with communism. Communism is defined by most as the form of government in Russia or China. The USSR (Russia) is remembered by the fascist realities of Lenin and Stalin that adhered to fascist rule by the power of the gun, not communal sharing.

Socialism is already alive in America today in a hybrid heterogeneous mixture. If communism in Russia was a government distribution of means and production, socialism in America is government programs that benefit everybody. Interstate highways, state, county, city roads and streets are an example used by President Obama.

A small business can compete because a means to transport their goods is in place. The small business did not, could not, afford to build and maintain the roads needed to transport merchandise and raw materials to produce those goods. The public sacrifice of tax dollars to build the roads makes it possible, and so consumer and producer both profit from it.

The Internet was also a government funded social enterprise that now has become bastardized by the new ruling of the FCC on net neutrality, allowing mega corporations to a fix faster speeds of data transmission to those that pay more -- taking away from the public and giving that profit to the corporations.

Have you noticed more buffering lately in any and all aspects of data transmission? Can you afford a private police force, fire department or army? That is more socialism America style. Social Security is the most successful social program we have in the U.S. today. It keeps old and poor from starving and freezing to death in the dark.

Now, today is the time for health care reform. We need to establish basic health care for everybody while we still have a representative government. Rural hospitals are closing across Oklahoma as we give tax breaks to the rich and to corporations. Experts warn that A.I. is coming like a tidal wave to a job near you.

It won't be long, maybe 10 to 20 years where robots will be doing most to the jobs in America, driving trucks to cooking hamburgers, to diagnostic medicine to computer programming. Nobody will be safe from this.

How will we survive this tsunami? Fighting in the streets while those that made their profit from our labor and can afford a private army, the filthy rich 1 percent, sit on the mountain tops eating grapes and watch our demise for sport, or will we come together now and realize it really is U.S. against them?

Hannity wants to have gun-toting volunteers to patrol our schools, malls and neighborhoods. If you trade freedom for security, you deserve neither ... a true patriot, Ben Franklin.



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