Editor, The Transcript:

There is a need for homeless shelters in Norman, and Mission Norman has good intentions. However, a homeless shelter does not belong in a residential neighborhood.

My family and I live adjacent to the Immanuel Baptist Church on Eufaula Street. Mission Norman wants to buy this church and convert it into a homeless shelter.

I am opposed to this proposal for a number of reasons: 1. Property values in the area will drop dramatically. 2. Safety of our families, homes and possessions are at risk. 3. There is a genuine concern that Mission Norman cannot fund, staff or manage such a facility.

The scope of the Mission Norman proposal has changed with each meeting and mailer. While they mean well, they remain inconsistent with intents and policies.

I have attended meetings with Mission Norman and local residents, I am not alone in my concerns.

Mission Norman is planning a fundraiser. They neither own the property nor do they have the required "special use" zoning approved.

I am circulating a petition opposing the rezoning of the church property. I will present this petition to the planning commission at the Dec. 14 meeting.

If you own property within the notified areas, and have yet to sign the petition, but wish to, please call 360-0752.

I appreciate your support.



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