Editor, The Transcript:

When was the last time you got to vote for a tax decrease? That is the once-in-12-years opportunity you will have Aug. 22. Continue the past seven year increase by another five years or stop it now and reduce your taxes? Vote no Aug. 22 and you get to keep more of your hard-earned money instead of giving it to the city. It's that simple.

Want to vote yes on the sales tax increase continuance? Consider the following facts:

The Legacy Trail question on the last bond election did not pass. Though voted down, city staff and council decided the following: "Find the money and do it anyway." Then they circumvented the will of the electorate and approved the project in their TIF vote -- a council vote contrary to the citizens' vote and one in which the voters had no say.

Still think your vote counts? Watch the replay of the June 13, 2006 council meeting regarding our sewage treatment votes (two of them) of five years ago. Once again by parliamentary action our votes are changed and negated -- by the way, to include millions of dollars in increased spending.

Almost every last bond issue passed has increased in cost, with contract revisions flowing through council faster than pure water through our faucets.

Speaking of pure water: Congratulations to all who voted for the rate increase. Now we have less water, higher bids on new well construction and we are paying Oklahoma City higher rates to purchase more water from them.

City staffers and council decided June 20 to put TIF action on a "fast track" at developer request. The sucking sound of your tax dollars just got louder and louder. They did this at what they call a "retreat." I call it a surrender.

Finally, the council will introduce at it's next meeting a resolution of intent for use of the sales tax increase, if approved by the voters Aug. 22. Voters beware. This resolution is not legally binding and subject to change on a continuous basis by council -- not by citizen desire or vote.

For the sake of your children, grandchildren, retirement, check book, etc., demand the ballot include specific language as to the tax use before you vote. The vote can be delayed with little consequence. I for one will vote no and cherish the opportunity to reduce my taxes.

Unlike Boston, we don't have a harbor. But we can sure have a tea party.



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