Editor, The Transcript:

A recent Norman Transcript had two interesting stories. One spoke of the Oklahoma State budget, indicating the disposition of the unexpected revenue surplus, while the second story was about the $5 million bond issue to complete payment on the Capitol Dome that was supposed to be paid for without incurring any tax money, according to then-Gov. Keating. My question is, why the 20-year bond issue and all the interest that will cost the taxpayers when the Legislature and Governor had some extra hundred millions of tax dollars to dispose of to one account or another.

Instead of returning $100 million to the taxpayers now, why not make it $95 million and use $5 million to pay off the Dome debt? How much more will 20 years of interest on that debt cost us? Needless to say, one can easily guess who the beneficiaries are to be. And our Supreme Court finds this proper even though the Constitution says a bond issue (it's a real stretch to equate this to a revenue bond) requires a vote of the people.

As an Oklahoma taxpayer for more than 50 years, I still need someone to enlighten me.



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