Editor, The Transcript:

I would like it known that I strongly object to any defunding or interfering with the operations of the Norman Police Department. Such a " knee-jerk" reaction to the tragic killing of George Floyd is unreasonable and unacceptable. The Norman Police Department is one of the most professional and citizen-sensitive organizations in the United States.

Please support them in every way possible. We need them in order to continue to live as one of the safest and most peaceful communities in this country. 

We all need to change our attitudes about equality. As citizens and as human beings, we all matter.

Would we be so foolish as to defund the planning department or finance department, or any city department for that matter? Should we defund our city council? Ridiculous, you say. 

But defunding the NPD and eliminating the School Resource Officer program is what is ridiculous; it's like shooting ourselves in the foot and would destroy our very peace and well-being as a community.

Please support the Norman Police Department.



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