Editor, The Transcript:

I’m writing to you from San Diego, California, to give a public and heartfelt thank you to the Norman Veterans Center director, nurses, staff and doctors. Thank you for taking care of my dad and all of the men and women in your care. Thank you for listening to the evidence early on and having the foresight to take appropriate measures to protect this group of people who, at different points in their lives, protected us.

Like you, they have been self-sacrificing, and your leadership and education allowed you to safeguard them during this time and protect each other in a way that hasn’t happened elsewhere in the state and across the nation at nursing and assisted living facilities.

You took your role to protect and care for this at-risk population seriously and compassionately, and myself and my family thank you for this.

It has been very hard on my dad and my mom not to see each other, but we all know that he has been safe. I applaud you all for your efforts and your work to keep them all connected over the phone and video with their families (and even a parade).

I wanted to personally and publicly acknowledge the Veterans Center efforts and wish them healthy, happy and well in these stressful times. Norman is lucky to have them.




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