Regents should make Harroz permanent president

In my opinion the Board of Regents should appoint Joseph Harroz as President of the University of Oklahoma on a permanent basis, a better choice could not be made.


Glenn E. Floyd


OUCI plays important role

I am writing in response to the unprofessional and gratuitous mention of the University of Oklahoma Confucius Institute (OUCI) in the middle of an article, written by Miranda Mahmud, attacking the Chinese government’s Thousand Talents program, which has nothing to do with the OUCI.

It would have been nice if the author had bothered to do some real reporting and visit the OUCI to see what it actually is and does. In my capacity as Executive Chairman of the OUCI Advisory Board, I am proud of the work of OUCI over the past 14 years to promote Chinese language education in the state of Oklahoma. OUCI is a partnership between OU and Beijing Normal University (BNU). OUCI is focused on building mutual understanding between Oklahomans and Chinese by helping those who are interested to learn about Chinese language and culture.

The OUCI is not politically partisan and does not promote any political viewpoint. As part of OU, the OUCI fully respects academic freedom and the free speech rights of everyone associated with its programs. OUCI runs successful and popular after-school programs and summer camps for K-6 grade students, where they are introduced to Chinese language and traditional culture, and provides inservice training to Oklahoma’s Chinese language teachers state-wide.

OUCI also works with BNU to bring education majors from China to do their student teaching in Oklahoma, where they learn about American culture, while helping local students learn about China. Each summer OUCI organizes trips to China for Oklahoma students and educators so that they can learn first hand about China.

At a time when partisan political forces are increasingly trying to stir up animosity between the US and China, OUCI is playing the important role of promoting mutual understanding between the people of both countries based on people-to-people interactions and first hand personal experience.

Paul B. Bell Jr.


Drugs must be affordable

As senior citizens, most of us are on fixed incomes and require some sort of prescription and/or over-the-counter medications. We cannot afford to purchase some of the medication we need to survive. It is imperative to keep the cost of medications at an affordable price.


Carla Rosenbaum


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