Editor, The Transcript:

As I read Joe Carter's letter about OG&E not replacing burned-out bulbs until they get a call from a city council member, I recalled a recent interaction I had with Norman government.

The lights surrounding the Griffin dog park area had been on during daylight hours for about six weeks. This seemed to be wasting electricity and our money. I emailed the mayor's office describing the problem, and the lights were adjusted the next day. Maybe we should all just work together to fix problems.

Joe also states the citizens of Norman have stated time and time again that they want a smaller carbon footprint from their electricity provider. Apparently, part of the franchise agreement negotiation is to get OG&E to convert to more "renewable" energy.

Maybe Joe could ask OG&E how many citizens of Norman have signed up for OG&E's wind power program. I think this might be a better indication of what the citizens of Norman really want from their electricity provider.



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