Editor, The Transcript:

I just read your letter about the newest tuition increases at OU. Thank God my wife finally graduated from OU. The cost of going to college here has nearly ruined my family. I am the only wage earner in our home, we have three children, a mortgage, two automobiles and all the other costs a lower-middle class family has these days.

The cost of going to school at OU has gone up at least 45 percent since the fall of 2002. It is also very misleading to say the new cost is only about $100 per hour when all of the ridiculous fees more than double that amount. Then the highway robbery price on books drives the nail all the way in the coffin.

College used to be about the students. Nowadays, it's about the bureaucracy and the people at the top. This is clearly evident at OU. If you operate as the CEO of OU then your primary goal is to generate revenue. I don't think you want "our kind" of people at your university. I think you only want the children of doctors, lawyers, CEOs and the like going to school there.

Maybe someday it will be called Gaylord-Boren University. Then you can continue to raise prices as high as you want and the rich people who are sending their kids there won't gripe about it. Our pay (the lower-middle class) has gone up only about three percent per year since 2002. So you are succeeding in pricing college our of our reach.

It doesn't matter that you are 11th or 12th in the Big 12 for costs, you don't have to follow the way of greed as the others do.

Danny Hales


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