Romney showed courage in impeachment vote

Republicans should be proud of Mitt Romney. He stood up against the pressure of other Senate Republicans. He voted his conscience, not party as others did. He knew all Americans had a right to hear the accusers and see documents connected to the impeachment, but the Republicans voted that down. He knew, as others did but refused to admit, that Trump committed a serious offense against our republic, our elections and our Constitution.

Last year, a bipartisan Congress voted to give Ukraine millions to buy weapons, some made in the US. Russia was invading a part of their country and they needed emergency funds. Knowing this, Trump froze the funds and used them as leverage to coerce the Ukrainian president to interfere with our elections by soliciting negative information about a campaign rival. Trump would not release the funds or receive the Ukrainian president until he had it. This was verified, first by a whistleblower, then other government officials. A long-time ambassador was recalled to DC because Trump’s civilian lawyer Giuliani wanted her gone before she could interfere with his and Trump’s mission.

After the whistleblower came out, Trump released the funds.

Unfortunately, our Oklahoma Republican delegation refused to hear evidence. They joined other Republicans and refused to allow you and me to hear a first-hand account of what happened.

Then the Republican majority voted against impeachment. Now it appears, the president is above the law. He can walk on the Constitution without a care and Republicans gave him permission. It’s too bad, they don’t have the courage that Mitt Romney showed.

Nadine Jewell


Pride at fault for 'We the People'

We the People.

We aren’t working together.

It’s not the fault of our President.

It’s not the fault of the Democrats.

Nor the fault of Republicans.

It’s not the fault of Boomers, Millennials, or Generations X, Y, and Z.

It’s not the Christians, Muslims, Jews, or any certain belief.

In fact, as I have observed it,

it is the fault of pride.


What is pride?

Pride is a good thing,

But like all things in excess, pride is not kind.

Pride will work its way in to the cracks of a place that is least expected.

Just when you think you are safe, pride shows it’s ugly face and by the time you notice, it’s too late, you’re stuck in its grasp.

But what are the consequences of pride?

Pride divides people.

Pride can take away integrity.

Pride can obstruct what‘s true and ethical.

Pride has the ability to make someone falsely believe that they are true and ethical.

Pride can blind you from the bigger picture.

Pride can make you act irrationally.

Pride can ruin a country.

Pride has ruined my country.

Pride has caused conflict.

Pride has turned on itself.

Pride has turned one proud United States into two Un-United Factions

Pride has consumed both of these factions.

There used to be a way to defeat pride.


Humility was on the mind of this nations forefathers when they designed our method of Government, so that the ugly face of the pride of a monarchy would never again see the light of day.

Humility in a person.

Checking ones own pride.

Humility in groups.

Not putting the importance of yourself higher than the importance of others.

Humility between groups.

Not putting your groups own needs at a higher importance than the needs of other groups.

Humility is easy to lose sight of.

Humility triggers pride.

Humility takes training.

Humility can help people come together.

Humility can help people work together.

Humility has fixed countries.

Humility can fix my country.

Humility is rational.

Humility helps you see the bigger picture.

Humility presents no false beliefs.

Humility builds integrity.

Humility is good.

In fact, as I have observed it, Humility is the secret ingredient.

The Christians, Muslims, Jews, and any other belief.

Boomers, Millennials, and Generations X, Y, and Z.



The President.

We need to work together.

We the People.

Kenner Wignall


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