Editor, The Transcript

The Cleveland County Citizens for Responsible Government mailed out an interesting flyer explaining why we should spend $39.5 million on a new prison -- "Know the facts before you vote." All their reasons have convinced me and my family to vote no.

Their stated reasons are:

· The control panels are old

· The cameras in the existing jail aren't good enough

· The door hardware needs to be replaced

· The pipes leak

· The jail lacks medical services

Who doesn't believe that we can fix all that for less than $39.5 million?

All the above stated problems are real, but do they justify spending $39.5 million on a new jail? No. That is an outrageous amount of money to spend on a dysfunctional system. I believe the County Commissioners have the experience and wisdom to solve the problems for a fraction of the $39.5 million. I don't understand why they've allowed this plan to go so far. Let's give them a chance to redeem themselves by voting no Tuesday.

The proponents of the reckless spending caution us about the fines for noncompliance. If the county were to be fined $10,000 per day, it would take almost 11 years of daily fines for us to reach the cost of the proposed jail. That should give you an idea of the enormous amount of money -- our money -- they want to spend.

Here are some free ideas: Buy new cameras and doors, call a plumber and build a small medical clinic. Save our tax dollars.



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