I don’t care if the Norman Seniors Association rejected the plan to house senior center in the “soon-to-be-vacated” Central Library on Gray St. that voters voted for.

The funding for the new senior center to be at the centrally located library on Gray St. was approved by voters in the bond election of 2008! It is 2019.

I reject lobbyists superseding voters to instead move venue for new senior center to Reaves Park. More cost effective and makes practical sense for new senior center to be at the centrally located “soon-to-be-vacated” Central Library on Gray St.

If we’d known about vote on Tuesday promoted by lobbyists, I was told, to supersede the wishes/votes of voters in the bond election of 2008, for senior center to be at the “soon-to-be-vacated” Central Library on Gray St. We would have given Joe Carter a standing ovation of applause for his bravery to not bow down to lobbyists and be the sole “NO” vote.

I applaud Joe Carter, our Mayor, and everyone I spoke to at City Hall May 16, 2019, who stand tall behind voters in the bond election of 2008, for the location of the new senior center to be centrally located at the “soon-to-be-vacated” Library on West Gray and Webster. The Central Library on Gray St. is the PERFECT location to not discriminate and ostracize seniors out at Reaves Park.

Senior citizens are an integral part of Norman. May 16, 2019 many at City Hall said that there is plenty of room at the “soon-to-be-vacated” library on Gray St. to share for new senior center as originally planned. Handicap accessible, parking, nearby new library, by post office, by bus stop plus centrally located. All I spoke with attributed to lobbyists superseding common sense. Including senior citizens with open arms with the City sharing Central Library on West Gray St. is a wonderful way to value, respect and celebrate the contributions of the Senior Citizens of Norman.

In memory of my mother who volunteered when voters cast their votes in Norman in the 1960s… AND who loved to read… IF there is ANY way possible to petition so that the Norman voters’ voices are heard that voted for new senior center to be at Central Library on Gray St.

Please join me to help achieve Norman voters’ choice NOT lobbyists for the Reaves Park location. Now is the time to honor the voice of Norman Voters spoken by their vote and not allow to be muted and superseded by the disproportionate voice of lobbyists of an adversarial group.

We just retired to Norman, OK, and bought a house here. My husband, retired Art Director and Special Forces Medic, and I were shocked by the dilapidated cooking/serving pans at the senior center on Crawford and left. Many unaware that is the old library and equally knowledgeable of the needs of the senior center there and its seniors.

In the 1970s-1980s my grandmother looked forward to going to this senior center everyday including riding in church vans area churches provided rides in. The senior center in the library on Crawford was a lively, fun, happy place then. What happened?

Many senior citizens feel isolated so please DON’T ostracize and isolate at a senior center at Reaves Park when the Central Library on Gray St. is “soon-to-be-vacated.” Use the common sense of voters whose vote was based on the new senior center being centrally located at the “soon-to-be-vacated” Central Library on Gray St.

Norman Voters already deciding on a site for the new senior center “is” the only reason the topic of discussion at the May 14, 2019, City Council Meeting. The most practical, cost effective and inclusive place for a new senior center is in the “soon-to-be-vacated” Central Library on Gray St. Then maybe new pans, cooking etc. needs of the senior center will have a place in the budget too.

Aging Services is hurting. Need more housing for disabled. Homeless are sleeping in the parks and have a tent city. The Fixer Upper shows have shown us how to be frugal. Now is the time for Norman to be creatively frugal for Norman’s needs are many. It truly DOES “take a village” and that village is inclusive. “We are only as strong as our weakest link.” Often for us to all stand we have to hold hands as a team not lobby groups.

When we lived in Dallas, in 1985, I suggested to Dallas Area Rapid Transit to begin a more personalized service for handicapped using (Kiwanis Kruiser) as an example. DART did in 1986. I submitted to Dallas Mayor a Norman Transcript story about Norman’s State-of-the-Art Animal Shelter and services and a similar built in Dallas. Norman is a NEW trend setter. The OLD trend now is for seniors to feel isolated. The City and Voters want seniors included at “soon-to-be-vacated” Gray St. Library.

Me too

We too

We agree with voters who voted on new senior center being at the “soon-to-be-vacated” Central Library on Gray St. We applaud voters, Joe Carter, Mayor and all the City Hall employees who share the vision of including not isolating and ostracizing senior citizens at the senior center at Reaves Park.

Alice Leuck


Caleb Slinkard was hired as the editor of the Norman Transcript in August of 2015. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University-Commerce and previously was in charge of several newspapers in northeast Texas.

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